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How can the welded pipe machine be properly maintained? Stai
Time:2018-06-05 01:38:32
How to maintain the stainless steel welded pipe machine correctly  In recent years, as stainless steel pipe has been more and more widely used, stainless steel pipe machine is also received more and more attention, can be said in the work is also a very important role, so in the daily work must be properly maintained, then can be very good to improve the efficiency of work then. How to do the correct maintenance in the use?  1. Check the oil surface  In order to make a stainless steel pipe machine to achieve a good work efficiency, then in the daily work, the need to check the oil level, so that you can look at the oil level, generally speaking, if the oil level is found to be lower than the specified value, then it needs to be supplemented in time.  2, clean and clean  The oil filter is also required to be checked in time. If it is found to be blocked by dirt, it needs to be replaced in a timely manner. Generally speaking, the crude oil filter needs to be cleaned once for 3 months. It is also necessary to remind you that oil can not be mixed with impurities in the fuel tank and must be filtered.  Finally, we need to pay special attention to the fact that if you want to start a stainless steel pipe machine in winter or cold area, it can not be carried out directly, but to open and stop, repeat several times, only when the hydraulic
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