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Stainless steel flat leveling machine

Weld leveling equipment is online processing stainless steel welded pipe weld seam synchronously welding weld seam inside and outside weld repeatedly make weld smooth with base metal transition make seam welded pipe seamless. Internal seam leveling equipment adopts plc proportional hydraulic automatic control performance stable high yield high yield convenient installation error output setting up input and production line linkage are indispensable production equipment. Internal weld seam welding machine consists of internal weld seam welding machine composed of internal and external welding machine frame hydraulic pneumatic system automatic electro hydraulic pneumatic control system controlled by PLC including mold and rolling fluid circulation equipment. Inner weld seam welding machine characteristic stainless steel welded pipe internal and external weld leveling device is a built-in mandrel and roller to stainless steel welded pipe rolling reciprocating automatic rolling device. Through controlling rolling strength and path to achieve leveling of inner and outer weld seam of stainless steel welded pipe removing residual high weld seam and flush with base metal.
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